Concerning this matter I had my first encounter with dancing at the age of 5 years in Crete, where I lived at this time. My mother taught traditional, niche crete dances there.

I have my basic dance training in Ballet, Modern Dance and Jazz Dance, which I maintain and am continuously developing. Afterwards I occupied myself with other dances like Samba, Afro, Tango Argentino, Street Jazz and Salsa.

Eight years ago I started to learn Salsa at a dance school whilst also lerning Standard Latin. Through my participation in various international Salsa festivalS, (Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Paris, Oslo, Brussels, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Darmstadt, Wuppertal... uvm.), I became acquainted with different Salsa styles: "N.Y. Style, Puerto Rico L.A Cuban Style".

I broadened my experiences by becoming a co-foundress of the Duesseldorfer dance formation "Salsa con Pao"; making various international appearances; attending lots of Workshops in co-operation with international and well-known Salsadancers (EG: Frankie Martinez/N.Y. - route 2004, Brian von Kust/Rotterdam - Barcelona-festival 2003, Manuel Mascarel/Valencia, Jorge Acevedo/Latin America - Munich 2004,dance show for loreal and goldwell 2007 in duesseldorf, salsafestival Karlsruhe 2008). These experiences helped me in becoming multi-talented and greatly influenced my dance style.

It is very important to me that the participants feel their womanliness when dancing and learn through the rythem of the music to express their passion and sensuality. Whilst the men that participate can aim to learn how to spontaneously combine their control and repertoire of figures.